Quartz India | 14 September 2018

People Tech Group, a technology staffing company in Redmond, Washington, has been accused of paying employees unfair wages. This comes just days after an Indian-origin CEO of two technology firms in the same state was taken into custody for forging documents to illegally bring foreign workers into the US.

“People Tech Group paid entry-level wages to H-1B computer analysts and computer programmers who performed the work of much more experienced employees and should have received higher prevailing rates,” an investigation by the US department of labor’s wage and hour division (WHD) found, according to a press release from Sept. 13. “The company also failed to pay workers for time when the company failed to provide work, as the law requires.”

People Tech Group, which has offices in Bengaluru and Hyderabad, has been instructed to pay 12 employees $309,914 in back wages. It also owes $45,564 in civil penalties for the violations.



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