The Financial Express| 24 December 2018

Unsurprisingly, Kuala Lumpur takes the lead in weeding out middlemen or agents from its pre-existing migrant workers’ recruitment policies and practices. In a propitious combination of circumstances, one may add, Malaysia measures up to the need for initiating a fair recruitment deal with the underpinnings of a productive, secure work environment for the migrant workers.

First and foremost, as the largest employer of migrant labour in the Southeast Asia region, it had to set a positive example as a host country. It has a dependency on hired workers in its vast plantation and construction sectors where the locals are said to be averse to be employed in.

Hence, the Malaysian authorities couldn’t but be sensitive to the hit its reputation was taking through exploitative, abusive treatment of workers by the middlemen or the pernicious agency system synonymous with them. There is an added dimension of human trafficking to be tackled.



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