29 September 2014, Arab News

The Labor Ministry has rejected Indonesia’s conditions for resuming the recruitment of domestic labor from that country, especially in light of the policy calling for diversification of the sources of employment and ongoing negotiations with other countries, according to ministry sources.

The sources said that negotiations between the Ministry of Labor and Indonesian authorities were vague and incomplete and that the majority of offices were unaware of the details regarding labor recruitment.

They said that stalled negotiations based on the question of salary were being complicated by the fact that most Indonesian domestic workers wishing to continue working after the end of their 24-month agreement were having their contracts renewed in Jakarta with a minimum wage of SR1,200.


While Indonesia represents a plausible solution to bridging the gap between supply and demand in the domestic labor market, there still remains great difficulty in overcoming the existing differences between the two parties, thus forcing the ministry to explore alternative sources capable of providing domestic workers in large numbers.



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