26 January 2015, FBC

The Ministry of Employment is warning Fijians to be aware of fake recruitment agencies operating in the country that are promising them employments opportunities overseas.

Speaking on FBC TV 4 The Record last night deputy Secretary for Labour Viliame Baledrokadroka says to date Fiji only has two authorised agencies – all other agencies are operating illegally.

“This is another dimension of the whole labour mobility movement and there is a big risk involved in there. We have had cases in the past where our people have got stranded overseas taken through such bogus agencies and then they are left out there in the cold.”

Baledrokadroka says people usually fall for these fake agencies because of the lucrative jobs being offered.

“One is really security given the happenings around the world now and another is tourism but given our experience with the agencies so far it’s really the security work, People are going for security work – we had nursing for a while then care givers but that soon died out.”

He says the major problem is that when these people go through fake agencies and do succeed in going overseas, they are not protected by the safety net of a registered agency.



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