14 April 2015, EKantipur.com

Greed of a few recruiting agencies and top bureaucrats has landed many Nepalis in trouble at work destinations.

APR 14 – Last October, the government added Uzbekistan in the list of work destinations, in what was to be the 110th country where Nepalis could go for employment.

According to standard practice, before declaring any new work destination for its citizens, the government should first establish bilateral link with the concerned country, set up a diplomatic mission there, explore job potential, and sign Memorandum of Understanding. But no such things happened in case of Uzbekistan.

The government deemed it appropriate to open the country as the newest work destination just because some recruiting companies in Kathmandu had procured work demand contracts for 500 workers in a Samsung outlet based in Uzbekistan. However, this was not the first time the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment (MoLE) had chosen a country as labour destination on the recommendation of a few recruiting agencies. A majority of the countries that Nepal recognises as labour destinations today were selected to suit the business interest of a few powerful recruiting agencies and government officials.

Before Uzbekistan, the government had enlisted the Republic of Congo in the list of work destinations in March 2013. MoLE officials say the Republic of Congo and some sub-Saharan countries were added in the list to fulfil the interest of a few people. Though Nepal has established diplomatic ties with Congo in 2006, neither of the countries have opened embassies so far.

“It’s happening due to vested interest of recruiting agencies and top government officials. After all, we are talking about tens of millions,” a MoLE source said.



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