13 July 2014, Big Project

Labour recruitment processes in Qatar are “unethical” and need to be dealt with in accordance with government support, as per a report recently prepared for Qatar Foundation, a government, not-for-profit body in the country.

‘Migrant Labour Recruitment to Qatar’ was authored for Qatar Foundation by Dr Ray Jureidini, director for research at the Foundation’s center of design innovation. The report focuses extensively on the life and employment conditions of those migrant workers hired for the construction of stadiums and other related infrastructure required for the Fifa World Cup 2022, and identifies the core concerns that impact the construction workers living in Qatar.

“Low skilled prospective migrant workers in the countries of origin are paying far more than the maximum recruitment commissions allowed by their governments in addition to other costs,” the report says. “These costs are being paid to private licensed recruitment agencies as well as unlicensed agencies, sub-agents and individual brokers. Some of these charges are being redirected to placement agencies and contracting companies within Qatar.

“Sub-agents recruiting in the outer regions of the (labour sending) countries are often crucial to meet the labour supply, yet these agents are not licensed and thus operate illegally,” the report continues. “They can be the original source of deception, false promises and financial exploitation. They need to be regulated in some way or bypassed entirely.” READ MORE…


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