The Himalayan Times | 29 October 2018 Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security Gokarna Bista and Malaysian Human Resources Minister M Kulasegaran signed the MoU in the capital today. “This is a historical moment and a positive development for ... read more

Kathmandu Post | 28 October 2018 Qatar, which hosts hundreds of thousand Nepalis, has proposed a ‘zero cost’ modality for employing migrant workers in the country. The developments come as another relief for Nepali workers who face a number of hassles... read more

The Nation | 23 October 2018 A new multiyear study reveals that the United States’ so-called “guestworker” system has become a complex transnational web of fraud that looks legal on paper but turns out to be brutal in practice. The H2A and H2B labor... read more

Taiwan Business Topics 18 October 2018 Filling the gap are foreign caregivers – Taiwan’s angels of mercy that work for far below the minimum wage, often isolated from the public in tedious and occasionally hostile living environments. According to the... read more

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