6 July 2015, Nepali Times

Nepal has stopped issuing labour permits to those migrant workers whose air tickets and visa fees are not borne by their employers.

The government implemented its zero-cost migration policy from Monday denying migrant workers labour permits to work in Malaysia and six Gulf countries (Saudi Arabai, Qatar, Baharai, Oman, UAE and Kuwait).

Manpower agents have vehemently criticised the policy, saying it is not practically possible . They also say Bangladeshi migrant workers might grab all job opportunities in Malaysia and the Gulf if Nepal does not give up its new policy.

On Monday, dozens of manpower agents reached the Tahachal office of the Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE) to seek labour permits for their clients. But no one could get labour permits for their clients because they did not have letters written by employers committing to provide air tickets and visa fees.

“From today, we can issue labour permits to only those migrant workers whose applications are attached with letters by employers ready to pay for their air tickets and visa fees,” said Bishwo Prakash Subedi, an under-secretary at the DoFE. “And these employers’ letters should be attested by our embassies in Malaysia and the Gulf.”



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