18 August 2014, eKantipur.com KATHMANDU, AUG 18 – The government is preparing to request Malaysia to repatriate thousands of Nepali migrant workers who have been stranded in the Islamic kingdom. The move could benefit at least 40,000 Nepali workers ... read more

7 August 2014, eKantipur.com […] The Malaysian government has been granting amnesty to foreign workers who were staying in the country illegally so as  to allow the latter group to return home after surrendering at the Immigration Department and pa... read more

24 July 2014, Zefry Dahalan, FMT News PETALING JAYA: Malaysia’s policy on foreign workers is fraught with Umno crony recruitment agencies ripping off millions of ringgit from foreign workers, Johor DAP deputy chairman S Ramakrishnan said today. Ramakris... read more

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