Across the world, unscrupulous recruitment agencies and their sub-agents charge workers high fees to connect them with foreign employers.

To pay these fees, migrant workers and their families take on large debts at high interest rates. These debts can take many months—sometimes years—to pay back.

Workers who find that their working conditions and wages are not what they were promised, or who are subject to rights violations, rarely complain. They do not want to risk being fired and sent home before they have paid their recruitment debts.

Recruitment fees for workers have been documented to result in forced labour and debt bondage—this must not be tolerated!

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Call to Action - Zero Fees in Nepal
STAND FIRM WITH NEPAL! Zero fees as a first step towards migrant worker empowerment 

In July 2015, the Government of Nepal made a historic decision in favour of the zero fees campaign, obligating foreign employers to bear visa and flight ticket costs for migrant workers traveling for employment to seven destination countries: Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, and Malaysia.

The aim of this “Free Visa-Free Ticket” policy is to prevent fraudulent activities of recruitment agencies, which charge excessive fees to workers beyond what is stipulated in law.

To ensure that momentum is not lost from this positive development, the Open Working Group calls on its network to show solidarity with Nepal (both its government and civil society). Continue to advocate for the complete zero fees model in other countries.

Download our Policy Brief on Zero Fees in Nepal



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