Kota Kinabalu: Employers and migrant workers backed the call by former Chief Minister Tan Sri Harris Salleh for the Government to abolish all agents dealing with foreign workers.

They said it is logical to allow employers and foreign workers to deal direct with the Immigration Department when applying for the necessary sponsorships like work permits and other legal documents as stipulated under the law.

They said the present system requiring them (employers) to engage the services of legitimate recruitment agents when hiring foreign workers only created inconveniences, especially in financial aspect.

Harris had said the reason for the influx of illegal workers in Sabah is because there are greedy agents who have been making a lot of money from foreign workers.

“It’s (their service) too expensive. The agents are the culprits who have caused an influx of foreign workers in the market,” Harris said, adding that they (agents) want to make more money regardless of our market requirements.



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