23 June 2014, Edmonton Journal

EDMONTON – The organization responsible for licensing Alberta’s doctors is raising the alarm over the number of foreign physicians being recruited to the province by privately owned walk-in clinics.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta says walk-in clinics, mostly based in Calgary and Edmonton, have sponsored 145 internationally trained doctors over the past two years — even though it’s not evident the province needs them.

The college says the trend has raised sufficient concerns that new restrictions may be required so only Alberta Health Services can sponsor a foreign doctor, a position that has enraged clinic executives who say the organization is grossly overstepping its mandate by attacking a type of business it doesn’t like.

“The concern is, if we are seeing an ever-increasing proportion of recruitments of internationally trained physicians to urban walk-in clinics, is that aligned with the most critical needs of the health system?” said Dr. Ken Gardener, an assistant registrar with the college. READ MORE…


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