29 July 2014, The Cambodia Daily

Nang Kumnour, a 25-year-old migrant worker who tried to enter Thailand last week, is too embarrassed to return home.

A former construction worker in Thailand, Ms. Kumnour was duped out of $200 when a recruitment agency promised her quick, legal passage into Thailand. She never made it across the border, and five people meant to facilitate her passage were arrested Friday on charges of human trafficking.

“My parents warned me it didn’t sound right,” she said Monday in Phnom Penh, clutching a briefcase stuffed with her identity documents.

Ms. Kumnour, who fruitlessly traveled around the capital Monday trying to track down her money, said she doesn’t dare face her parents in Pursat province.

“I thought I was doing it the legal way,” she said, noting her parents borrowed the $200 for her passage to Thailand. “I thought I was paying $200 because everything was going to be quicker.”



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