• Location: Manila, Philippines

The ILO will host a two-day training programme on the roles and responsibilities of migration relevant government officials in the promotion of ethical recruitment for migrant workers, and health professionals in particular for Philippines, India and Vietnam migration government officials.

The training for migration relevant government officials will:

  • Support their mandate to, among others, promote and protect the general welfare of workers abroad and assist workers in the preparation of contracts and all documents relating to employment;
  • Raise awareness of ethical recruitment principles, standards and practices for the general international migration and recruitment of health professionals in particular, including ILO relevant standards;
  • Support government officials in the identification, establishment or improvement of the legal and institutional frameworks required for in the context of international migration and the recruitment of health professionals in particular
  • Provide guidance that may be used where appropriate in the formulation and implementation of bilateral agreements and other international legal instruments, both binding and voluntary; and
  • Facilitate and promote international discussion and advance cooperation on matters related to the international migration and recruitment of health personnel.


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