The Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants has announced that his next report to the Human Rights Council will focus on international labour recruitment. He intends to evaluate the following:

• Current recruitment practices
• The impact of these practices on the human rights of migrants
• Current initatives for improving recruitment practices
• Practical recommendations to promote and protect the human rights of migrants in the recruitment process
• Practical recommendations to prevent violations of the human rights of migrants in the recruitment process

The Special Rapporteur has requested inputs from civil society to contribute to the substance and analysis of his report. To that end, the Secretariat of the Open Working Group on Labour Migration & Recruitment is pleased to announce that we will host an online discussion forum on labour recruitment from October 2nd to October 13th on the RecruitmentReform Facebook Page. All are invited to include their comments!

Contributions to this online discussion will be compiled by the secretariat for submission to the office of the Special Rapporteur as a contribution from the Open Working Group to his report, and will also contribute to the drafting of a formal policy brief on labour recruitment practices globally.



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