Migrant Forum in Asia in collaboration with its member, Transient Workers Count Too organized a regional consultation on Strengthening Engagement withe ASEAN processes and Mainstreaming Fair Recruitment on 11-13 June 2018. The program was organized back to back with the 2018 Global Forum On Responsible Recruitment and Employment.

The program aimed to further the capacity to effectively engage ASEAN Member States in advancing migrants rights including addressing recruitment issues. Specifically, it aims to:

• Provide recommendations to the Plan of Action on the ASEAN Consensus on Migration;
• Identify/Develop action plan in engaging the ASEAN process with linkages to other processes such as Global Compact for Migration (GCM) and 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
• Focusing on recruitment issues as a point of advocacy in relation to the ASEAN Process and other processes

Mon. 11 June 2018 – Wed 13 June 2018

For a report of the program please see:



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