Daily Post Guam | 14 November 2018

A hotel project became the first among Guam’s private sector in recent years to receive approval to hire foreign construction workers on H-2B visas for projects not directly related to military projects, the governor’s office announced Tuesday.

Although it is privately developed, the Tsubaki Tower hotel project received approval for temporary foreign workers as a construction project that is associated – but not directly related – to the military expansion on Guam.

Over the weekend, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services notified 5M Construction that its request for 38 skilled foreign workers has been approved under the National Defense Authorization Act. The Tsubaki hotel project is the first private sector project to be designated as being associated with the military realignment and to be approved as such by USCIS, the governor’s office stated. Previous approvals were for government projects.

Two weeks ago, the Guam Department of Labor received word that contractor JMI Edison, which filed a request for 22 H-2B workers under the lawsuit against USCIS in the District Court of Guam, received approval.



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