20 July 2014, EIN News Desk

Aluva (Kerala, July 20:

Workers from Kerala who have returned from strife torn Iraq, held a protest on Saturday against the Indian recruitment agency M.P Dominic and Co. for duping them of their money.

A protest was held outside the company’s office by 17 workers who had returned to India from war-torn regions of Iraq.

The protesters demanded a refund of the amount they had given to the agency. The agency reportedly took around Rs one lakh each from them and some additional amount for the visa and job permit.

The protesters have also blamed the agency of duping them with duplicate papers and not providing them with proper work order or any job permit in Iraq. The workers said that they had to suffer because of this at the site.

All the 17 workers were employed mostly in welding and fabrication jobs with Hera Constructions. They said they were promised around Rs 50, 000 per month but were given only READ MORE…


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