28 August 2014, The Cambodia Daily

A group of 50 migrant workers on Wednesday protested outside a branch of a recruitment agency in Phnom Penh’s Sen Sok district that they say duped them out of $260 they paid for a guarantee of employment in Thailand.

The 50 workers, who were part of a group of 187 workers that traveled to Thailand on August 18, demanded that the APTSE & C (Cambodia) Resources agency reimburse them in full, as the fee bought them only forged documents and false hope.

When APTSE & C transported the nearly 200 workers to Thailand on August 18, Thai military police rounded them up, informed them their employment documents had been forged and sent them back to Cambodia on Monday.

“We protested to make this company face the law because they cheated us,” said migrant worker Kheng Chan, 30.

“They took our money, but lied to us.”



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