Millions of workers become slaves through the actions of unscrupulous labor brokers who charge exorbitant recruitment fees, either do not provide contracts or change contract terms, impose unreasonable deductions from promised wages and leave workers vulnerable to exploitation. For this reason, and with the support of a grant from Humanity United, ICCR has launched the “No Fees” initiative, a program designed to ultimately lead companies to create robust management systems which will ensure that workers in their immediate and extended supply chains are not forced to pay for employment. As the “pay for work” practice is especially prevalent at the commodity-sourcing level of the food supply chain, the “No Fees” initiative, will initially focus on promoting ethical recruitment in palm oil and seafood sourcing, and eventually scale up to the 50-plus companies already engaged by ICCR members on human rights issues including companies in the electronics, apparel, and extractives sectors. “No Fees” builds upon decades of productive ICCR corporate engagements on human rights and supply chain issues and further amplifies three years of ICCR member-led engagements with food and beverage companies on sustainable sourcing, production and labor practices for palm oil and seafood.



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