Taiwan News | 9 November 2019

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan will consider relaxing regulations governing the employment of foreign labor to meet the expected rise in demand for laborers as Taiwanese businesses relocate their operations to Taiwan in the face of the U.S.-China trade conflict.

At a Cabinet meeting promoting investment in Taiwan on Nov. 8, Premier William Lai (賴清德) promised administrative assistance to address the needs of Taiwanese companies moving back home by setting up a one-stop service to help them secure land, labor, and funds, reported CNA.

The Ministry of Labor will exert flexibility for companies in need of an additional labor force, according to officials attending the meeting. For example, businesses from the electronics industry will be granted the employment of foreign workers up to 25 percent of the total number of employees, increased from the 10 percent cap. The restrictions can be relaxed to a maximum of 40 percent should the need arise.



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