17 February 2015, New Vision

KAMPALA – The Ugandan ministry of gender, labour and social development has released a list (at bottom of page) of only 25 licensed private overseas recruitment companies in Uganda.

The companies complied with the requirements of externalization of labour, most of which is to countries in the Middle East, according to the state minister for labour Mwesigwa Rukutana.

Rukutana recently said government is now trying to streamline the overseas labour recruitment exercise to ensure Ugandans employed abroad are treated fairly.

It is also understood that government has reviewed the statutory instrument used in licensing companies that externalize labour.


Minister Rukutana said that all recent cases of Ugandans mistreated while working abroad have been connected with non-registered employment agencies.

He pointed out that some companies that failed to maintain the required standards are deregistered.

His ministry is working with the ministry of internal affairs to fight human trafficking.

“It is obligatory for every Ugandan going to work abroad to register with the ministry of labour, gender and social development so that we monitor them and ensure they are safeguarded and not exploited.”

It is a requirement for both professionals and casuals who mainly work overseas.



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