12 July 2014, AME info

Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) has released a comprehensive report examining foreign labour recruitment into Qatar.

The ‘Migrant Labour Recruitment to Qatar’ report, specially commissioned as part of the Qatar Foundation Migrant Worker Welfare Initiative, is a 160-page document aimed at addressing the current issues surrounding low-skilled migrant workers’ rights.

Compiled by Dr Ray Jureidini, Associate Professor of Sociology at the Institute for Migration Studies at the Lebanese American University, and Director of Research at the Center of Design Innovation at Qatar Foundation, the report is based on a study conducted to ascertain the financial and procedural circumstances that give rise to basic human rights violations during labour recruitment in so-called ‘sending countries’.

Based upon the study’s findings, the aim of the report is to offer recommendations for reform that will reduce or eliminate labour and human rights violations – and stimulate discussion on the issues raised.

Commenting on the release of the ‘Migrant Labour Recruitment to Qatar’ report, Jassim Telefat, Group Executive Director of Qatar Foundation’s Capital Projects and Facilities Management, said: “The Qatar Foundation Migrant Worker Welfare Initiative is dedicated to addressing the issue of low-skilled migrant workers’ rights in a comprehensive and transparent manner as part of Qatar Foundation’s continued support of the Qatar National Vision 2030.

“It seeks to ensure that all contractors, subcontractors or suppliers who work with QF are upholding proper standards in their treatment of employees, a crucial element of which is the recruitment READ MORE…


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