Migrant Forum in Asia in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration is organizing a webinar on Access to Technology and Fair Recruitment on 28 January 2021, Thursday, from 4:00-6:00 PM Manil.

Please register in the link below to join the webinar:

To check the time in your city please see: http://bit.ly/38IgqrC

The influence of technology on the day-to-day affairs in the world is fast expanding. Innovative digital platforms have the potential to bring together the world in numerous ways. The increasing adoption of digital platforms not only strengthens operational efficiencies for business, but it can also support diverse state and non-state actors to strengthen migration governance. Various stakeholders, such as workers, labour officials, recruitment agencies and private sector employers are increasingly experimenting with technology for its incredible potential. These platforms can particularly strengthen access to information, which helps migrants make important choices at various stages of their migration journey.

The webinar will aim to explore the role of technology in promoting fair and ethical recruitment practice. Existing practices led by governments, CSOs and private sector will be explored during the webinar to analyse best practices, needs and challenges with access to technology.

The outcome of the webinar will contribute to a policy brief on Access to Technology and Fair Recruitmetn and will serve as background document for a regional stakeholders’ consultation on recruitment reform that is will be held in 2021.

Co Moderators:

Tara Dermot, International Organization for Migration
Marie Apostol, Verite South East Asia

Resource Persons

  1. Mr. Bheem Reddy Manda, Director Emigrants’ Welfare Forum India
  2. Ms. Shiela Grace Estrada, Progressive Labour Union of Domestic Workers / FADWU / ITUC
  3. Ms. Onmar Ei ei Chaw, Issara Myanmar’s Country Director
  4. Ms.Leanne Melnyk, Head of Global Supply Chains, Diginex
  5. Ms. Elain Sim, Pink Collar Malaysia


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