7 August 2014, eKantipur.com

[…] The Malaysian government has been granting amnesty to foreign workers who were staying in the country illegally so as  to allow the latter group to return home after surrendering at the Immigration Department and paying a certain amount – 400 Malaysian Ringgit – as fine. Some 3,000 foreign workers staying in Malaysia illegally are said to have already benefited from the programme.

This provision was introduced as part of the workers’ amnesty programme to allow undocumented foreign workers in Malaysia to return home without going through legal prosecution.  It came into being amidst widespread reports that foreign workers staying in the country illegally have fallen into the clutches of nefarious agents who charge them hefty sum – nearly 3000 Ringgit in some cases – in order to get a safe passage home. It is hoped that the provision will encourage  majority of foreign workers staying illegally in Malaysia to surrender before the Immigration Department to seek a permit to return home. It is believed that thousands of Nepalis are still staying in Malaysia illegally and are still seeking the help of agents in order to return home without facing any legal persecution.

“This provision has been introduced so that any foreign workers staying illegally would not have be ensnared by so-called agents who charge them heavily to get permit that allows them return home.



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