15 April 2015, Focus Taiwan News Channel

Jakarta, April 15 (CNA) The Indonesian government said Wednesday it is determined to help lower the brokerage fees for its citizens seeking work in other countries, including Taiwan.

Nusron Wahid, head of the Agency of Placement and Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers, said in a parliamentary hearing that exorbitant brokerage fees have been a major problem for Indonesians aiming to work overseas.

The fees charged for working in Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong and South Korea are the highest, Wahid said.

He said his agency is striving to help lower the costs for Indonesian workers overseas by eliminating unnecessary charges, in particular high brokerage fees, during the application process.

Indonesian workers abroad usually have to pay brokers 31-33 percent of their salaries, which is way too high, Wahid said.

There is also a problem of “scalper brokers” whose fees are even higher, he said, adding that Indonesian workers should be protected from such agents.



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