By Yu Hsiao-han and Kuan-lin Liu
Focus Taiwan

Taipei, Sept. 14 (CNA) The Workforce Development Agency (WDA) on Thursday issued a report that found nearly 80,000 re-hired migrant workers have so far benefited from a law that went into effect last November scrapping a previous maximum stay requirement.

The amendment to Article 52 of the Employment Services Act, which went into effect on Nov. 5, 2016, eliminated the requirement for migrant workers to leave the country after reaching the maximum permitted stay period, before returning to continue working. As a result, from last November to the end of August, 78,917 migrant workers did not have to leave.

Prior to the amendment, Article 52 required foreign workers in Taiwan to leave the country for at least one day after working for three years — the longest contract allowed — before being allowed to continue employment.




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