19 January 2016, Arab News

The Ministry of Labor granted 48 new licenses to recruitment offices of household workers located in various areas of the Kingdom, as well as preliminary approvals to 149 others.
This comes as part of the ministry’s recent efforts to develop the recruitment market and meet the increasing demand of citizens for household workers, as well boost competition in the market by issuing additional opportunities and reducing recruiting costs.
Director of media at the ministry, Khaled Abalkheil, said the ministry ensured that offices meet all conditions to obtain licenses, as per regulations.
Seventeen new recruitment offices in Riyadh and surrounding areas obtained licenses, he said, while five licenses were issued to offices in Al-Qassim and Madinah. Final approval was issued to nine new offices in Makkah and six in Hail, while approval was given to four offices in Asir after completing procedures to carry out activities.
Final approvals issued by the ministry also include one office in the Eastern Province and one office in Al-Jouf. Recruitment offices pass through a series of stages to ensure they meet regulations and conditions to obtain licenses, he said.



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