30 August 2014, Arab News

Agreement for the recruitment of Indian housemaids across the Kingdom is very much intact as the recruitment process is in progress and not stalled as reported in a section of local media.

Reports published in local media quoting a labor official said that recruitment efforts for housemaids from India have been stalled because of New Delhi’s stipulation of SR2,500 as the minimum wage for each worker.

When contacted, a surprised Indian Embassy official said, “We have not received any official communication in this regard from the Saudi side so far. Even the amount being cited is not correct to the best of our knowledge,” the official said.

He asserted that the developments on the recruitment process are well in progress as after signing a comprehensive labor agreement the embassy is executing the provisions of recruitment on day-to-day basis.

The new labor agreement stipulates that maids must be given free time for at least eight hours daily and a paid vacation of 15 days annually or 30 days after two years of service.



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