Gulf Times, 13 July 2014

A Qatar Foundation report has highlighted 10 key points for improving workers’ conditions in Qatar after a study found that many of them were subjected to rights violations in the home countries well before their arrival in Doha.

The 160-page “Migrant Labour Recruitment to Qatar” report, specially commissioned as part of the Qatar Foundation Migrant Worker Welfare Initiative, is aimed at addressing the current issues surrounding low-skilled expatriate workers’ rights.

Compiled by Dr Ray Jureidini, associate professor of sociology at the Institute for Migration Studies at the Lebanese American University, and director of research at the Centre of Design Innovation at Qatar Foundation, the report is based on a study conducted to ascertain the financial and procedural circumstances that give rise to basic human rights violations during labour recruitment in so-called “sending countries”.

Based upon the study’s findings, the report aims to offer recommendations for reform that will reduce or eliminate labour and human rights violations – and stimulate discussion on the issues raised.

Published by Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation digitally on, the “Migrant Labour Recruitment to Qatar” study was conducted to provide a clearer understanding of the various people, institutions and issues involved in recruitment and hiring practices of migrant workers to Qatar.



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