24 June 2014, The New Civil Engineer

Consultants are competing to fill roles amid a growing shortage of geotechnical engineers, finds Jon Masters.

Demand for experienced geotechnical engineers has remained strong in recent years, buoyed by work overseas, as well as the commercial building and energy sectors. With the re-emergence of growth in infrastructure in the UK, the heat is on to find more new and experienced recruits.

David Beadman, director of geotechnical consultant Byrne Looby, says recruiting staff with the right aptitude has been difficult for the past two to three years. Major projects such as High Speed 2 are soaking up a lot of available talent, he says.

The wider engineering industries are facing up to an urgent need to attract young people to science-based careers. For companies such as Byrne Looby, there is the dual challenge of recruiting from a limited pool of qualified engineers, while also attracting less experienced people to a career in geotechnics. READ MORE…



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