Jeddah, Arab News, 15 July 2014

It’s mandatory on all recruitment companies to provide substitutes for absconding maids to their employers over the entire term of their contracts, the Ministry of Labor said. 

Ziyad Al-Sayegh, deputy minister for customer services and labor affairs at the ministry, said the decision was taken to protect citizens’ rights and curb the phenomenon of runaway maids.

He said 6,524 maids had run away from Saudi families in May alone. There are many who run away before and during Ramadan to make more money through black market, he pointed out. Some private recruitment offices only provide substitutes if maids run away in the first three months of their contracts, he said.

Al-Sayegh said ministry officials were working hard to organize the labor market and protect the rights of employers, workers and recruitment offices. The ministry has signed multiple labor agreements with several countries, and is looking to recruit maids from different nations.



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