Khaleej Times | 13 August 2018 Recruitment scam: Employments are offered falsely on behalf of ENOC. Candidates are contacted by someone claiming to be a representative from ENOC or ENOC’s agent. Candidates are interviewed over the phone or via Skype... read more

By: Robin Agustin Free Malaysia Today | 6 August 2018 PETALING JAYA: The country’s largest employer and labour groups have urged the government to stop the outsourcing of foreign worker recruitment processes, which they say have pushed up costs and resu... read more

Kota Kinabalu: Employers and migrant workers backed the call by former Chief Minister Tan Sri Harris Salleh for the Government to abolish all agents dealing with foreign workers. They said it is logical to allow employers and foreign workers to deal direc... read more

By: Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan New Age Bangladesh | 3 August 2018 A Bangladeshi housekeeper is required to pay $1,800 equivalent to Tk 1. 51 lakh as the cost of migration to Hong Kong, though employers bear the cost of migration. Recruiting agencies in Bangla... read more

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