New Age Bangladesh | 27 September 2018 Migrant rights activists and recruiting agents on Wednesday called on the government to bring middlemen under a legal framework by amending Overseas Employment and Migrants Act 2013. They said that through recognitio... read more

The Edge Malaysia | 6 September 2018 According to a source, an agent who previously brought in foreign labour, it is “quite lucrative”, particularly for Bangladeshi workers. “Bangladeshi workers usually need to prepare around RM20,000 to start the p... read more

New Age Bangladesh | 7 September The Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training officials on Thursday stressed the need to bring middlemen and brokers involved with the process of recruitment of workers for overseas jobs under the legal framework. Speaki... read more

PETALING JAYA: Only RM9,000 from about RM20,000 paid by Bangladeshi workers went to 10 authorised recruitment agents operated by a syndicate. A Bangladeshi businessman who claimed that he was the spokesman for the 10 companies based in Dhaka said the rest... read more

By: CR Abrar The Daily Star | 23 February 2017 For many, migration is a route out of poverty and a pathway to live in dignity. It is an integral part of globalisation. The world community has recognised that migration can contribute in achieving the Susta... read more

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