15 March 2015, Taipei Times

LIFTING A BAN:Minister of Labor Chen Hsiung-wen said officials from Taiwan and Vietnam were meeting to discuss new regulations for Vietnamese workers

Taiwan recruited 10,906 Vietnamese workers during the first two months of this year, making it Vietnam’s largest labor export market, according to the latest official data from Hanoi.

A total of 17,206 Vietnamese were sent abroad to work in the two-month period, according to a Wednesday report on VGA News, the Vietnamese government-run newspaper Web site, which cited statistics compiled by the Vietnamese Overseas Labor Management Department.

The report said that last month, 8,537 Vietnamese workers were sent abroad, including 5,770 to Taiwan, 1,884 to Japan and 295 to Saudi Arabia.

Taiwan is expected to hire more workers from Vietnam this year as it is planning to end a freeze on the hiring of Vietnamese fishermen, caregivers and domestic helpers.


Due to a serious absconding problem, Taiwan imposed a ban on Vietnamese fishermen in May 2004 and froze imports of Vietnamese caregivers and domestic maids in January 2005, although workers in other categories are not covered by the freeze.

Pending a plan by Indonesia to gradually reduce the number of domestic workers it sends to Taiwan and other nations in the Asia-Pacific region, Taiwan, which has more than 174,000 Indonesian caregivers, has been planning to reinstate the hiring of fishing crew and domestic helpers from Vietnam, as well as introducing workers from other nations.



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